IMG_0700Writing doesn’t have to be difficult – as hundreds of published writers, worldwide, can attest.   Discover what they discovered: the essentials of Barbara Turner-Vesselago’s Freefall Writing technique. Learn how to stay deeply engaged with what you’re writing, so that your own unique voice and style can emerge – into fiction, memoir, poetry and creative non-fiction.  

On January 19, 2014, Dr. Barbara Turner-Vesselago will give a talk entitled “Writing Without a Parachute:  The Art of Freefall,” explaining (and exploring) the method by which she has helped hundreds of writers to publish fiction, memoir, non-fiction and poetry worldwide.  Here, she will outline the five simple precepts of Freefall:  what they are, how they work, and why they are all that’s needed to lead a writer step by step into real trust in writing with a powerful, authentic voice.

“I always tell anyone who wants to write:  do Freefall!”  (Helena McEwen, award-winning author of The Big House, Ghost Girl, and Invisible River (Bloomsbury))  Find out why, at Barbara’s one-hour mini-workshop, ”A Taste of Freefall,” where writers will get the chance to put the Freefall precepts into practice! 

Armed with this introduction to the Freefall precepts, and Barbara’s new book, Writing Without a Parachute: The Art of Freefall (Vala, UK, 2013), you will have all you need to immerse yourself in this profound and very practical approach to writing.

Barbara Turner-Vesselago is the author of Skelton at Sixty (The Porcupine’s Quill), Freefall (The Writing Space), and Writing Without a Parachute: The Art of Freefall (Vala Publishing Co-operative, UK), as well as features on writing and the Arts in several major periodicals. Her novel manuscript, No News But Kindness was a finalist for the Chapters/Robertson Davies Book Prize (Canada), and winner of the Short Story Radio First Chapter Competition (UK). She has a doctorate from the University of Cambridge and has taught at universities in the UK, US, Australia, Canada and Nigeria.  She now lives in Hamilton, Ontario with her husband, Michael Vesselago, and teaches FreefallWriting Workshops worldwide.  She can be reached via

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