Next Meeting: December 11, 2016
with Richard Scrimger
at The Leacock Museuem

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Laying Siege to Your Story
Writing sometimes feels like a siege.  You’re camped outside the walled town with your army: your experiences, memory, imagination, thesaurus, post-it notes, prayers, etc.  Behind those walls is a captured friend or child, or a valuable but fragile artifact – your story.  But how do you take the town without destroying the story?  You don’t want to starve or poison it, and you don’t want to flatten it with artillery.
Follow me as I walk you around the walls, pointing out the 2 ways to get in.  One is technical, one is magical.  But they aren’t unique. Every story wall has the same 2 weak points, the same 2 ways in.
I came up with this image when I thought about my own recent writing, because I was blocked twice in the last couple or three years. I could not find a way into the story I wanted to tell.  I ended up taking 2 totally different approaches.
Are you feeling blocked, frustrated, cut off or kept away from your own story?  I’ll show you how to get in.  I got over the walls of Lucky Jonah, and through the walls of Weerdest Day Ever!
I apologize for all the military imagery.  But writing is not a stroll in the park or a game of spin the bottle.  It is tough and violent.  You are changed by writing – changed utterly.  It is a kind of revolution.  And, as Mao says, a revolution is not a tea party.
Richard Scrimger has written more than 20 books for children and adults, and been awarded and translated more than he deserves. His recent novels feature a magic camera, a world where everything is upside down, and the back end of Laura Secord’s cow. Fortunately, confusion is Richard’s natural state.  Just ask his children. He has four of them – no, wait, they have him. Visit him at or follow @richardscrimger if you want a giggle now and then
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